The fire of Latinx voices

Creating space to honour cultural identity and community is at the heart of Melbourne-based Latinx art collective Yo Soy. A fast growing number of artists are showcasing their work through Yo Soy’s platform and the collective’s first zine ay mi chicle is about to launch. Latinx-Australian writer and creator Ruby Pivet

Everybody Wants to Love You

Bold, colourful, and hitting close to the bone of inner-city life, online comic  Everybody Wants to Love You (@everybody_wants_to_love_you) comes to you direct from the brain of Melbourne based writer Natalie Rose. If you have read it, you’ll be familiar with its exploration of how queerness intersects with gender, class,

Why are we still policing self-pleasure?

It’s 2019 and self-pleasure is still a topic that can cause red faces in polite conversation. What is it we’re so afraid of talking about, and are we holding ourselves back from fulfilling and open communication in our sexual relationships by not talking honestly about our masturbation habits?   In

Legal or not, the threats to safe abortion never lessen

If we’re learning anything from the draconian bills that seek to criminalise abortion in the United States at the moment, it’s that safe abortion access is never permanently guaranteed, and that goes for Australia too. The other message is that Christian right-to-lifers have the patience to play a long game

Cosy up to your shame

Shame – we’ve all got it seeping out of pores, informing our beliefs, values and actions, often at the expense of our own enjoyment and mental wellbeing. Pleasure educator Euphemia Russell of I Wish You Knew is here to arm our emotional toolboxes with some ways you can recognise and work

The feminist outpost

We want to meet women, trans and gender diverse folks flying the feminist flag in regional and rural Australia. Or maybe your outpost isn’t geographically isolated, but you’re facing barriers in another way. Either way, DM us so we can feature you and what you’re up to.

Let’s fix it

– By Natalie Cavallaro

“Once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it and that’s the kind of experience that can really make change.” – Jane Gilmore