The feminist outpost

We want to meet women, trans and gender diverse folks flying the feminist flag in regional and rural Australia. Or maybe your outpost isn’t geographically isolated, but you’re facing barriers in another way. Either way, DM us so we can feature you and what you’re up to.


Jemma Jo Johnson

“I live in Mildura, Victoria and I am currently a third year La Trobe Uni student completing my Bachelor of Human Services and Master of Social Work double degree. The conversation around gender equality has started in my town but we have a long way to go. Rigid gender roles are embedded whether it’s sport, employment, workplace or education. I see it every day when women do two hours in local sporting clubs canteens while men do one, I see it when men are ‘under the thumb’ or ‘whipped’ when they want to stay home with their partner to help with the children, I see it when boys and girls are encouraged to play with gendered toys at school and I experience it personally. 

My partner and I own a house and we have had 6 tradesmen come through over a period of 2 years and on EVERY single one of these occasions, they have left the job half complete.

They then ignored our phone calls to follow this up. This ONLY happens once they realise that there’s not a ‘man of the house’. It is important to me to strive for an equal environment for all people and educate those who are glued to the fact that to be submissive or less than anyone is not living. I’m part of a local Gender Equality Action group, we meet regularly and hold local events to bring the issue to people’s attention as well as highlighting the link between gender inequality and family violence.

I am also the LGBTQI+ Officer at my uni’s campus and hold events with information on the spectrum of gender.

 The biggest challenge locally is encouraging people to step their thinking outside of the binary of gender roles and acknowledge their own disadvantages. People don’t like to step outside their comfort zone.”


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