That Bitch accepts articles, opinion, reviews and memoir along with visual art and photography from all women and queer folks. We reserve the right to publish work at or in any print editions of the magazine.

Who is the audience?

That Bitch is a feminist online community for anyone interested in sex, sexuality, gender, relationships, mental health, entertainment and politics – life basically.

What can I write about?

The rules are there are no rules, HOWEVER… That Bitch strives to publish feminist content that is curious and seeks to reveal the truth about the world we live in. If it’s entertaining, educational or explores personal or universal concepts, you’ve got our attention. That Bitch is always pro-choice, trans inclusive and sex-positive. We have a special interest in sex and sexuality education and welcome articles and first-person accounts that offer an alternative or interesting way of challenging the dominant public discourse.

Guidelines/useful advice

  • Pieces of writing must be 800 words maximum and include at least one image.
  • We encourage first person voices and accounts of personal experiences.
  • Please ensure your article argues a clearly defined point or educates or explores a particular theme.
  • We like inclusive language.
  • If the article contains quotes or information from sources, please ensure these are clearly stated, relevant and appropriate.
  • If required, all work must be fact checked by you and we reserve the right to edit pieces for length.
  • Above all, writing must be open, honest, easy to understand and engaging!
  • Please consider your topic and whether you are the best person to be writing about it.
  • All written work must be typed and submitted in the body of an email to with headings and byline included, along with any social media handle you would like to add.
  • Images must be 300dpi and submitted in jpeg format.

Our turn-offs

We will not publish writing that is discriminatory, is shaming in any way, or speaks for minority groups the writer is not a part of. Also, no TERFs (trans exclusionary radical feminists), no SWERFs (sex worker exclusionary radical feminists), thanks.

Do you pay contributors?

We greatly value all writers/artists in the That Bitch community, but as we are a volunteer run publication unfortunately we do not have the means to pay contributors across the board at the moment. We’re working hard to make this happen so please stay tuned.
Above all, we champion our writers/artists and do everything we can to promote them.

Do I need to pitch?

Memoir, opinion and general feature articles do not need to be pitched first and can be submitted in their entirety for consideration. However if your piece is contains sources and more extensive research please send us a 100 word pitch as well as a list of interview subjects/sources first.

Other stuff

Please be patient if we take a while to get back to you about your submission. We run That Bitch out of love as well as work day jobs so we may not always respond straight away. Or we may just be eating peanut butter from the jar…