Who is That Bitch?

That Bitch is an online (and sometimes print) zine focusing on sexual health, pleasure and freedom. Proudly queer, it’s an ever evolving project founded by Natalie Cavallaro (she/her).

Natalie is a journalist and editor of 10+ years who now works in sexual health promotion.

That Bitch exists on this website, and is much more active on Instagram and much less active on Facebook .

There is also a print zine! Find out more about That Bitch #1.

Want to hear Natalie speak about bisexual+ sexual health? Then check out Triple Bi-Pass radio show which airs on Joy 94.9. All episodes tagged “Sex by the Bi” are hosted by Natalie.

Are you a writer, artist, educator or activist interested in sexual health and would like to collaborate? Or maybe you are looking for an articulate and engaging speaker to discuss sexual health topics with your organisation or group? Get in touch*!

* Please, no TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical “feminist”) or SWERFs (sex worker exclusionary radical “feminist”).